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I've been trying to make a workable web browser in Turbo C++ (I can't help it; I am supposed to work within the confines of my educational system). Essentially, what I have created is a simple parser that takes in a HTML file scans the text for tag delimiters, then identifies the tag, processes it using Turbo C++ default graphics library and then perform the required operation before outputting through an interface I created.

Essentially, I've been matching the cases in a long list of nested conditions. The problem is that execution has been falling through and for some reason I've been continuously getting the error of Abnormal Program Termination.

What I wanted to understand is why execution is falling through. Moreover, what does that error truly mean?

Here's the entire source code.

P.S. - This is my first time on Stack Overflow so if anything is undefined, hazy or plain ridiculous then please tell me.

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My friend figured out what went wrong in the code. It turns out that pointer wasn't initialized to null and that caused a sort of cascading failure leading to the abnormal program termination error. Lesson learned.

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