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I have the following question:

I have a collection of strings, each of these strings represent a filter, like ("E000ST","E000SN").

I also have a generic collection of objects wich have a property Code, wich can contain the filter or not.

I would like to sort/group these objects by Code property in the following order:

  1. "E000ST"
  2. "E000SN"
  3. "G000ST"
  4. "GM"
  5. "Q000ST"
  6. "QM"
  7. "W000ST"

if the Code property does not apply to the filter, then it needs to placed at the bottom of the generic list.

Could someone explain to me how i can do this, i can't get this thing to work properly.

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What language? What is the type of the collection? What did you try? – Itay Karo Dec 20 '10 at 12:48

Again, what language? And more info needed - your description is sketchy. Give a skeleton class def and a couple of examples of instances.

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