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I have two tables: 'countries' and 'airports'. I want to set all the countries, which have at least one airport, as 'active'. This does not work:

  def self.activate_by_airports
    update_all('active = 1', ['country_code IN (?)', Airport.select('DISTINCT(country_code)').where(:active => 1)])

As I understand, Airport.select(...) returns a list of Airport objects, when I need a list of country codes.

What is the right syntax in this case?

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I solved it by using a map function: Airport.select('DISTINCT(country_code)').where(:active => 1).map { |airport| airport.country_code } –  krn Dec 20 '10 at 13:31

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Use Airport.select('DISTINCT(country_code)').where(:active => 1).toArray or Airport.select('DISTINCT(country_code)').where(:active => 1).all - Rails 3 only

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