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I compile a file in a gsoap project with the following command.
Almost all files in my project are generated by the gsoap tools and i am new to C++ so i cant tell very much about it.

All in all i need to understand if my project could compile at all. Do i need other flags?

gcc -c  -I/usr/include/gsoap soapAuftraegeImportSoap11BindingProxy.cpp

the current error is:

soapAuftraegeImportSoap11BindingProxy.cpp:10: error: 'AuftraegeImportSoap11BindingProxy' has not been declared

this line 10 is:


the file starts with this include:

#include "soapAuftraegeImportSoap11BindingProxy.h"

but in the header file there is no declaration of the class. And nowhere else. See also further errors:

soapAuftraegeImportSoap11BindingProxy.cpp:10: error: 'AuftraegeImportSoap11BindingProxy' has not been declared soapAuftraegeImportSoap11BindingProxy.cpp:10: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'AuftraegeImportSoap11BindingProxy' with no type soapAuftraegeImportSoap11BindingProxy.cpp: In function 'int AuftraegeImportSoap11BindingProxy()': soapAuftraegeImportSoap11BindingProxy.cpp:11: error: 'AuftraegeImportSoap11BindingProxy_init' was not declared in this scope soapAuftraegeImportSoap11BindingProxy.cpp: At global scope: soapAuftraegeImportSoap11BindingProxy.cpp:14: error: 'AuftraegeImportSoap11BindingProxy' is not a class or namespace

Hopefully my question makes sense to you.

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Did you build the library and install it ? –  DumbCoder Dec 20 '10 at 14:33

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just to close this issue , i post my makefile

CFLAGS=-c  #-Wall

### gsoap 
LIBS= -L/usr/lib/gsoap
LINK= -lgsoap -lgsoap++ -lgsoapck -lgsoapck++ -lgsoapssl -lgsoapssl++
OLINK= -lgsoap++

#OBJ=soapServer.o soapServerLib.o soapC.o

.SUFFIXES: .o .cpp

        @rm -f $@
        $(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(INCL) $(INC) $<

        @rm -f $@
        $(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(INCL) $(INC)  $<

default:    client

        rm -r *.o 

        rm soap* *.xml *.nsmap *.h *.cgi 

default:    all
all:    client server

client: KundenWebServiceClient

server: KundenWebServiceServer
        cp KundenWebServiceServer /usr/lib/cgi-bin/

proxy: KundenWebService.h
        soapcpp2 -x -L -C -i -I/usr/include/gsoap KundenWebService.h
        rm *12*

service: KundenWebService.h
        soapcpp2 -x -L -S -i -I/usr/include/gsoap KundenWebService.h
        rm *12*

KundenWebService.h: KundenWebService.wsdl
        wsdl2h KundenWebService.wsdl


KundenWebServiceClient: KundenWebServiceClient.o soapKundenWebServiceSoap11BindingProxy.o soapC.o getrow.o
        $(CC)  -o KundenWebServiceClient KundenWebServiceClient.o soapKundenWebServiceSoap11BindingProxy.o soapC.o getrow.o $(LIBS) $(OLINK)

KundenWebServiceServer: KundenWebServiceServer.o soapKundenWebServiceSoap11BindingService.o soapC.o
        $(CC)  -o KundenWebServiceServer KundenWebServiceServer.o soapKundenWebServiceSoap11BindingService.o soapC.o $(OLINK)
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