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In windows, maven downloads everything in the C:\Documents And Settings\MyUser\.m2 folder (or C:\Users\MyUser\.m2). There exists some way to change the folder that it uses? Specially I want to set it to download anywhere BUT in the Documents And Settings/Users folder.

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Look at your settings.xml in M2_HOME/conf (see this for details about setting the M2_HOME environment variable). You can add (or uncomment) the following section:

  <!-- localRepository
  | The path to the local repository maven will use to store artifacts.
  | Default: ~/.m2/repository

as suggested by the commented out section already there by default. There, you should be able to change the path to achieve what you want.

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Thanks. I needed to figure out other things like setting the M2_HOME environment variable (it is not there by default). This should be set to the installation path where the bin folder is. –  Victor Stafusa Jan 3 '11 at 16:11
In case of doubt, on Windows it is fine with windows-style backslashes too, ie. <localRepository>E:\m2\repository</localRepository> –  Ed Randall Mar 4 '14 at 12:20

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