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I define some function in my Ansi C Program (simple program). I don't known how to represent a function in flowchart. Anybody can help me?

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You need to provide more info – dheerosaur Dec 20 '10 at 14:05
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On a flowchart, a function can be anything: a state, an action that occurs while transitioning betwwen states, etc. It all depends on how you have your flowchart organized. I would recommend building your flowchart normally, then go back and add a function name to the description of anything that is implemented by a function.

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There is no direct symbol.. you can create your function with the basic input /output/process symbols

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In my opinion, a flowchart is more of a functional description of your algorithm and not where you would "define" a function in the sense of your program. Yes, a functional aspect represented in your flowchart may directly map to a single function in your C program, but it may be that multiple functions or multiple threads are used to accomplish it as well. The flowchart isn't where you would describe these.

In short, the flowchart is not where you should be "defining" functions for your C program. It should be a high-level representation of functional aspects of your program, not the implementation of it.

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Here is a tutorial on writing C functions using DRAKON charts (DRAKON charts are very similar to flowcharts):


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