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I compiled an exe on windows VS 2005, a c++ program that link to other libs of mine. It compiled and suddenly it doesn't with an error of LNK1170 COMDAT "

I can't understand what happened and how to solve the problem.


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Poorly formulated. –  karlphillip Dec 20 '10 at 14:29

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This is copied from http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa234469(VS.60).aspx

Linker Tools Error LNK1179

Visual Studio 6.0

invalid or corrupt file: duplicate comdat comdat

An object module contained two or more COMDATs with the same name.

One possible cause is if you use the /H option with /Gy. The /H option limits the length of external names, and the /Gy option packages functions in COMDATs.

For example, if you compile the following with /Gy and /H8, you will get error LNK1179 since the object module will contain two COMDATs of the same name (function1 and function2 are unique at nine characters):

void function1(void);
void function2(void);

void main(void) {

void function1(void) {}
void function2(void) {}
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Yes I saw that, thanks, I checked both the command of comiple and link and I don't have the flags, I started again the IDE and reboot. I managed to solve it after I clean and comiple again (not recompile option) 2 libs of mine. I don't understand why it helped. –  Boris Raznikov Dec 21 '10 at 8:53
The worst bugs ever are the ones that fixes themselves. They always come back! –  pcantin Dec 21 '10 at 13:01

There is many issues concerning this bug including:

  • using of unnamed stuff (struct, class, namespace)
  • instantiation of template parameter
  • incremental linking
  • ...

I experienced the bug in situation like this:

template < class InputIterator >
Id findOrInsertSomething( const std::string & name, InputIterator begin, InputIterator end )
    Id out;
        static std::string sql( calculateQueryA() );
        if (findSomething( sql, name, out ))
            return out;

    static std::string sql( calculateQueryB() );
    out = insertSomehing( sql, name, begin, end );
    return out;

When used in code, link error LNK1179 occurred. Problem is simple. Even without /H switch, maximum length of names can be 2047 characters. When using template stuff, usually very long names are created. In the example there are 2 static variables with the same name. They will be named like:


what can be easily longer then 2047 characters. Because something-like-block-signature is at the end, it will be behind 2047 boundary, making effectively both sql variables the same for the linker.

Solution is easy:

  • using different names
  • hide optimization in function (will not be calculated for each version of the template)
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Anyway, check the official documentation about it:



And if you check codeguru, a guy found another way to solve a problem similar to yours:

Project->Settings->C++ tab, Debug cathegory: Inline function expansion: change from 'None' to 'Only _inline'.

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Are u using VS 2005 ? –  Boris Raznikov Dec 21 '10 at 8:55
@Roman I wasn't able to reproduce the behavior you described. These are some of the results I got from Googling! –  karlphillip Dec 21 '10 at 12:08

I started again the IDE and also reboot the machine and it didn't help. I managed to solve it after I clean and comiple again (not recompile option) 2 libs of mine. I don't understand why it helped but it succeeded to lnik the project.

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