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Combobox bind to a set of Provinces, Village object has ProvinceID field and i want to bind SelectedItem of Combobox to a Province with Village's ProvinceID.

My code is:

<ComboBox ItemsSource="{Binding ProvincesList}" 
          SelectedValue="{Binding Village.ProvinceID}" />

But SelectedItem is anything.

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So each Province has a property Village, which has a field ProvinceID? If that's the case, the issue is that you cannot bind to fields; only properties are supported. –  Dan Bryant Dec 20 '10 at 17:47
@Dan Bryant: Province has a list of Villages. –  Navid Farhadi Dec 21 '10 at 7:53

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Your binding direction is OneWay and BindingEngine of SL can't propagate UI changes to your object's property, hence you must add Mode=TwoWay at end of binding expression.

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Not sure I understand the question, but what about setting the ComboBox's ValueMember to ProvinceID?

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First thing I notice is that that is not the correct syntax for binding to a control.

   SelectedValue="{Binding Village.ProvinceID}"

Should be

   SelectedValue="<%# Village.ProvinceID %>"
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I think you're in the wrong language... :-) The OP is in XAML. –  Goblin Dec 20 '10 at 22:41
Possibly. It doesn't say in the original question, so I thought it was asp.net. –  MAW74656 Dec 21 '10 at 19:56

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