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hi i have to nest some or / and conditions but i need brackets in my sql statement to do it in the right order but how do you make this

is should be in this form (... OR ...) AND ...


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You forgot to ask something. –  zerkms Dec 20 '10 at 15:03

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According to this blog post, "Solving the Doctrine Parenthesis Problem", you need to do a $query->where("(ConditionA OR ConditionB) AND ConditionC");

That may look like:

    ->where('A = ? OR B = ?', array(valA, valB))
    ->andWhere('C = ?', valC);

The poster does, however, provide a more generic solution, whereParenWrap(), by extending Doctrine_Query:

->where('A = ?', valA)
->orWhere('B = ?', valB)
->andWhere('C = ?', valC);
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Apparently the blog poster is also in SO. –  jensgram Dec 20 '10 at 15:15

Addon for the answer: Brackets in Doctrine query

 * This is a simple short-hand wrapper for Doctrine_Query. It provides
 * a shorter class name and a few additional functions.
class DQ extends Doctrine_Query
     * Returns a DQ object to get started
     * @return DQ
    public static function create($conn = null, $class = null) {
        return new DQ($conn, $class);

     * This function will wrap the current dql where statement
     * in parenthesis. This allows more complex dql statements
     * It can be called multiple times during the creation of the dql
     * where clause.
     * @return $this
    public function whereParenWrap() {
        $where = $this->_dqlParts['where'];
        if (count($where) > 0) {
            array_unshift($where, '(');
            array_push($where, ')');
            $this->_dqlParts['where'] = $where;

        return $this;


Slightly modified. Taken from: https://gist.github.com/888386/634c51993aaf16565690be10da7b8f13a227020a

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