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I'm using SURF to extract features from images and match them to others. My Problem is that some images have in excess of 20000 features which slows down matching to a crawl.

Is there a way I can extract only the n most significant features from that set?

I tried computing MSER for the image and only use features that are within those regions. That gives me a reduction anywhere from 5% to 40% without affecting matching quality negatively, but that's unreliable and still not enough.
I could additionally size the image down, but I that seems to affect the quality of features severely in some cases.
SURF offers a few parameters (hessian threshold, octaves and layers per octave) but I couldn't find anything on how changing these would affect feature significance.

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After some researching and testing I have found that the Hessian value for each feature is a rough estimate of it's strength, however using the top n features sorted by the hessian is not optimal.
I achieved better results when doing the following until number of features is below the target of n:

  • Size the image down, if it is overly large
  • Only features that lie in MSER regions are considered
  • For features that lie very close to each other, only the feature with the higher hessian is considered
  • Of the n features per image that I want to save, 75% are the features with the highest hessian values
  • The remaining features are taken randomly from the remainder, weighted by distribution of the hessian values computed through a histogram

Now I only need to find a suitable n, but around 1500 seems enough currently.

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