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I'm using default EntityListeners (preUpdate and prePersist) to write create and update timestamps to my entities. When a new child is added to a collection (OneToMany) and persist is called the parent record is send to the EntityListener and the timestamps are updated. My problem is that I don't want to update the parent if only a new child record was added to the collection. Is there a way to check if an entity was modified (inside the EntityListerner)? Thanks Andreas

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This might help you (not tested, but I think that it will work). event is the DescriptorEvent you got, object is the entity you want to check for changes.

   UnitOfWorkImpl uow = (UnitOfWorkImpl) event.getSession();
   ClassDescriptor descriptor = uow.getDescriptor(object);

   boolean isNew = uow.isObjectNew(object);
        if (isNew || descriptor.getObjectChangePolicy().shouldCompareExistingObjectForChange(object, uow, descriptor)) {
            ObjectChangeSet changes = null;
            if (isNew) {
                changes = descriptor.getObjectChangePolicy().calculateChangesForNewObject(object, changeSet, uow, descriptor, true);
            } else {
                changes = descriptor.getObjectChangePolicy().calculateChangesForExistingObject(object, changeSet, uow, descriptor, true);
   boolean hasChanges = changes.hasChanges();
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