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I have the following problem -

rec = new Record(name, age, dob, sex, country );
webservicename.function[] test = new webservicename.function[1];
test[0].name = rec.name;
test[i].age = rec.age;
test[i].dob = dob;
test[i].sex = sex;
test[i].country = country;

When I start debugging it stops on the first test[0] line with a 'NullReferenceException was uhandled' message. When I hover mouse over the rec.Account it shows the value from the csv file that I have read from, however when I hover over test[0] its value is null. For some reason the variable array is not taking on values, How can I sort this?

Thanks for your time.

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rec.Account do you mean rec.name? –  Binary Worrier Dec 20 '10 at 16:29
what's singlesummary[1] ? and why use index 0 and index i ? –  pyCoder Dec 20 '10 at 16:30

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Try this:

rec = new Record(name, age, dob, sex, country );
webservicename.singlesummary[] test = new webservicename.singlesummary[1];
webservicename.singlesummary result = new webservicename.singlesummary();
result.account = rec.name;
result.actualy = rec.age;
result.commitment = dob;
result.costCentre = sex;
result.internalCostCentre = country;
test[0] = result;
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You need to initialize the instance first:

rec = new Record(name, age, dob, sex, country ); 
webservicename.singlesummary[] test = new webservicename.singlesummary[1]; 
test[0] = new webservicename.singlesummary(); // extra line for your code
test[0].name= rec.name; 
test[0].age = rec.age; 
test[0].dob = dob; 
test[0].sex = sex; 
test[0].country = country; 

Obvously, if you need an array and you have length greater than one, you could replace all but lines one and two above inside a for...next loop and index to the ith element.

I notice though, that you're indexing into the array with [0] (and creating an array of length 1) which seems pointless to me, you might as well use a single instance:

rec = new Record(name, age, dob, sex, country ); 
webservicename.singlesummary test = new webservicename.singlesummary(); 
test.name= rec.name; 
test.age = rec.age; 
test.dob = dob; 
test.sex = sex; 
test.country = country; 

If the reason you're using an array of length one is because the service you call only accepts an array/list of items, you can always create one during the call:

wbsvcProxy.MethodCall(new List<singlesummary>() { test });

In my opinion, this is more readable throughout your code, since you only build the array/list when you're calling the method and removes all of the funky [0]. syntax from the rest of your code (If your method doesn't require it, then never mind this last bit)

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sorry I had to edit the question I made a mistake if yo could look at the update would appreciate it –  Ebikeneser Dec 20 '10 at 16:33
I have seen your edit, review my code. I'm doing two things, first I initialize the array, second I initialize the zeroth [0] item in the array as well. You need to do both steps if you're using an array. –  Nate Dec 20 '10 at 16:34
thanks for your input will give it a go! –  Ebikeneser Dec 20 '10 at 18:27

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