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I have an applet that talks with a Rails Application. I wish to maintain a user's session so that the applet's communication is recognized as part of a user's browsing session. I use apache's HTTPClient to send the request but the rails application does not recognize the request as part of the users session.

This is the code that I use to build the request, I pass in session_id variable and the HTTP_COOKIE variable as applet parameters:

        HttpClient client = new HttpClient();
        Cookie httpCookie = new Cookie("localhost", "HTTP_COOKIE", http_cookie, "/", null, false);
        Cookie sessionID = new Cookie("localhost", "session_id", session_id, "/", null, false);

        HttpState initialState = new HttpState();

        PostMethod post = new PostMethod("http://localhost:3001/vizs/add");

Any suggestions would be great!


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I solved this with the following code:

String session_id_str = "6a7eec105k231g51bjd0655e638034f3";

Cookie sessionID = new Cookie("", "_chatter_session", session_id_str, "/", null, false);

HttpState initialState = new HttpState();



The two problems were:

1) Not putting the port number in the url.

2) Specifying the wrong session id. In this example the application is called chatter so the session_id is _chatter_session. I add the session id to the applet as a parameter.

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