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We currently have a web application which should be accessible from multiple sub-domains and from multiple actual domains. E.g. clients sign up and if they want to they can use their own domains. As far as I know this would be achieved by them pointing that domains A record at us and then our web server, which would have to be embedded so we can update at run-time, adding a virtual host dynamically.

Our web application is written in PHP (although playing around with HipHop to convert to C++) with static HTML and CSS. This web application communicates with a back-end Java API that uses the Restlet framework.

Does anyone know of a web server that could be embedded that will work with PHP (and would work with HipHop if we used that)? I have had a look at AppWeb but I wondered if there were any others.

I wonder if maybe I would be better moving my web app to something like Java and using Jetty?


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I'm not sure why you want to "embed" the web server - I'm not sure the term "embed" is applicable here either. If you're hosting the app, just set up Apache to handle multiple domains. – Pickle Dec 20 '10 at 17:57
This isn't a programming question. Anyway, I don't think that your requirement (being able to add a virtual host dynamically) justifies using a embedded HTTP server. You can already do that with Apache without restarting it (i.e.: apachectl reload). – netcoder Dec 20 '10 at 17:59
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If I understand your question correctly, all you need is to lookup the


which would be different as clients uses different domains.

Regarding minimalistic webserver, I've found mongoose to flexible and easy to setup.

(uses php-cgi).

regards, //t

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This can be done by accepting wildcard subdomains in apache, and dispatching based on the server name in PHP.

An example apache configuration can be found here.

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Not sure if I get correctly where you want to embed it. But if PHP is a requirement, there is the option of using It's rather minimalistic, but should thus be easily adaptable and have less issues with a HipHop transformation.

The second alternative would be Nanoweb. While that's designed as a real webserver and feature-wise comparable to Apache, it's not suitable for embedding. But there are probably others, if you want to go that particular route.

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