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Right now I am displaying something like /home/binary/ in QText browser. Now I want the open the folder by clicking on this text. How to do that ? Thanks in advance

Here is my sample code. I am display the result s

bool MainWindow::displayResult(multimap<string,

string> &resultMap, string &filePath) { multimap::iterator iter; bool fileStatus = false; int noOfLocFound = 0, forAppending = 0; QString no;

    noOfLocFound = resultMap.size();

    if ( noOfLocFound != 0 )
        ui->textBrowser->append( "<i>File found at <b>" + no.setNum (

noOfLocFound ) + " locations");

    for ( forAppending = 0,iter = resultMap.begin(); iter !=

resultMap.end(); iter++, forAppending++ ) { string file = iter->first; string dir = iter->second;

        if ( forAppending == 0)

        QString qdir = QString::fromStdString(dir);

        cout << "Display";

        ui->textBrowser->append( qdir );
        fileStatus = true;


    if ( fileStatus == false )
        ui->textBrowser->append("File not

found"); return false; }

    return true;
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By "open the folder", do you mean, open a file dialog for the user to select something inside of the given directory?

If so, you would probably want to connect your QTextBrowser's clicked signal to a slot that looked something like:

// connect events, in MyWindow constructor, or whereever...
connect(textbrowser, SIGNAL(mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent*)), this, SLOT(openFileDialog(QMouseEvent*)));

void MyWindow::openFileDialog(QMouseEvent* event) {

    QStringList files = QFileDialog::getOpenFileNames(this, "Select a file...",

    // do something with the files here...
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Let me put my question in another way ---- Rite now I am displaying the result in QText Browser. Results will be something like /home/User/ , /media/Arena/ etc. Now I want to open this folders by clicking on this result which is displayed in QText Browser. But I dnt have any idea how to do that. In one of the thread someone ask me to use anchor clicked but I dnt know how to use it. So can you please give me piece of code on how to do it. Tanx in advance. P.S I am using QT creato – scooby Dec 21 '10 at 7:49
Maybe if you post some of your existing code it'd be easy to see what to want to accomplish? – Mikesname Dec 21 '10 at 8:09

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