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My subject is probably not worded correctly.

I am working on some scripts and using the "Send-MailMessage" command. I need to have some variables in the body of the message.... How can I do this? These variables are directories, log file locations, IP addresses, etc from the script. When the script finishes or fails I need to send an email with pertinent info about the job..

$bod = "this is message please see log file at $logfilelocation"

Send-MailMessage -To user@user.com -Subject subject -From user@user.com -body $bod -SmtpServer server

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You've already got the right idea. You just need to build up your $bod string using the variables. A 'here' string would probably work well. Something like:

directory: $directory
log file location: $logfileLocation
ip address: $ipAddress

Or are you asking how to get those values into variables?

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