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I am using Moq (which I am very new too as well as TDD period). And I wanted to Moq up an instance of my main Winforms form so I could test a few methods on there. Is this possible? Its constructor takes an object of Assembly().

I was trying the following attempts unsuccessful:

var mockMainForm = new Mock<MainForm>();
mockMainForm.Setup(x => x.Assembler).Returns(new Assembly());
return mockMainForm.Object;

But I can't access any properties or methods on this object once it is returned. Is this possible to do?

But I get errors that ( failed: System.ArgumentException : Expression is not a method invocation: x => x.Assembler at Moq.ExpressionExtensions.ToMethodCall(LambdaExpression expression))

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Mocking using Moq will only mock the interfaces and virtual methods of a class. Assembler property needs to be defined as virtual.

In any case Mocking a Windows Form is not a good mocking - it has a big bag of WIN32 stuff which make your tests brittle. If you need to unit test and mock a form, create an interface that your form needs to implement and mock that for objects that need to interact with your form.

public interface IHasAssembler
    Foo Assembler {get; set;}

public class MyForm : IHasAssembler

then mock the interface and not the form:

Mock<IHasAssembler> myMock = new Mock<IHasAssembler>();
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I've never used (or, indeed, heard of) Moq, but I am going to guess that mockMainForm.Object is of type Form, and that you can cast to get at it:

object moqObject = MakeMoqOfMyMainForm();
Form mainForm = (Form)moqObject;

(If I am wrong, let me know and I will delete this answer)

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New to programming and using Moq and TDD, I can't say that your answer is technically wrong or not, but it doesn't help me with using Moq to accomplish my attempt to use Moq to mock the main form. – pghtech Dec 20 '10 at 20:42
Well, your question was different when I posted my answer. You wanted to access the methods, etc on your form, so I helped you get the Form object. That said, I don't actually know if that's what the .Object property contains, since I've never used Moq before. – Mike Caron Dec 20 '10 at 21:08

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