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I have a working sql query that I have been trying to convert to linq for the past couple of days. I have read several posts both here and on various site, but have not been successful in any of my attempts to convert this to a working linq query.

The parts that I am specifically having problems with deal with the math (adding individual scores to get the total_score value) and getting the values from the Schools table so I can pass them to my view.

Here is the sql query:

SELECT bowler_name, school_name, bowler_gm1, bowler_gm2, bowler_gm3, bowler_gm4, bowler_gm5, bowler_gm6, (ISNULL([bowler_gm1],0)+ISNULL([bowler_gm2],0)+ISNULL([bowler_gm3],0)+ISNULL([bowler_gm4],0)+ISNULL([bowler_gm5],0)+ISNULL([bowler_gm6],0)) AS total_score 
FROM Bowlers 
JOIN Schools ON Schools.school_id = Bowlers.school_id 
ORDER BY total_score DESC;

Here is as far as I get with the linq query before things start breaking:

from s in db.Schools
join b in db.Bowlers on s.school_id equals b.school_id
select b;

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Something like this should help you on your way.

from s in db.Schools
join b in db.Bowlers on s.school_id equals b.school_id
select new {
  bowler_name = b.bowler_name,
  totalscore = bowler_gm1 + bowler_gm2 + bowler_gm3 ...

Note it would be much easier to handle nulls if you were to create a BowlerGame table with GameID as PK, BowlerID as FK to bowler, GameNumber as game number and finally Score as that game's score

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Thanks for the help - I put this together and now am just working on getting the view. Thanks! –  chemqueen Dec 20 '10 at 22:24

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