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In a Ruby on Rails application, I have a controller where I'd like some functionality to conditionally run, where the condition is dependent on the environment the application is running in. As a contrived example, in development mode I'd like it to do:

if foo == 5:

And in production mode, I'd like:

if foo > 6:

The difference between the two conditions is more complicated than a single constant (5 or 6 in the example above).

What is the most idiomatic way to do this in Rails? Would I write helper methods directly in the environments/ files? Or add a method to the application controller that checks the current environment? Or something else?

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I would just add a check for ENV['RAILS_ENV'] in the logic statements.

I would change your code to:

if foo == 5 && ENV['RAILS_ENV'] == "development" then
elsif foo > 6 && ENV['RAILS_ENV'] == "production" then

It is just another condition in you flow-control, no need to complicate it.

If you need to do it a lot, a few methods in application.rb could help:

def isDev
    ENV['RAILS_ENV'] == "development"

def isProd
    ENV['RAILS_ENV'] == "production"
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I'm aware of that one (or Rails.env in Rails 3 applications). My question is where and how to best incorporate that into the application (in the application controller, in environment.rb, etc.). – jrdioko Dec 20 '10 at 23:29
Thanks for the clarification. – jrdioko Dec 21 '10 at 0:44

I often need to do this in my apps too, in various places. E.g., I don't want to include analytics code in development mode. And so I set up an instance variable or two in the application controller:

before_filter :setup_variables

def setup_variables
  @development = (ENV['RAILS_ENV'] == "development")
  @production  = (ENV['RAILS_ENV'] == "production")

I can now test whether I'm in development mode both in controllers as well as views.

One other note, though. If you're doing a lot of case-based switching (if development / if production), you might want to refactor this into a separate set of objects that you swap out depending on the environment. E.g., have a DevelopmentLogic lib, and a ProductionLogic lib.

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