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I have read MATLAB's info on multi-threading and how it is in-built in certain functions. However, my requirement is different. Say, I have 3 functions: fun1(data1), fun2(data2), fun3(data3).... Can I implement multi-threading between these functions? I actually have 300+ functions using a lot of data. Multi-threading may help me cut down a lot of the time. Please suggest a command or something which I can further research on. Thanks!

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Are you wanting to run, say, fun1 so that it uses multiple processors, or do you want to run fun1 on one processor, fun2 on a second processor, etc.? – gnovice Dec 21 '10 at 0:32
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If you want to run a batch of different functions on different processors, you can use the Parallel Computing Toolbox, more specifically, a parfor loop, but you need to pass the functions as a list of handles.

funList = {@fun1,@fun2,@fun3};
dataList = {data1,data2,data3}; %# or pass file names 

matlabpool open 

parfor i=1:length(funList)
    %# call the function
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And if the functions have output variables, they can be collected into a cell array, e.g. outList{i}=funList{i}(dataList{i}). – reve_etrange Dec 21 '10 at 3:16
use matlabpool command before parfor, or parfor will run with only 1 thread. – May 28 '12 at 14:34

Try looking at the Parallel Computing Toolbox. (I'm unfortunately not too familiar with it, but that seems to be the right place.) Look at gather and parallel for-loops.

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