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A. I'd like to know the best way to retrieve the web applications, site collections, sites and libraries of a SharePoint 2007 install (on a farm) and display each of those data in a dropdown list of their own a web part.

B. What type of web part should be used

C. What object model or database/tables do I get those pieces of information from

For example:

"Web Applications" Dropdownlist1

"Site Collections" Dropdownlist2

"Sites" Dropdownlist3

"Libraries" in a scrollable Textarea

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SPFarm farm = SPFarm.Local;
            SPWebService service = farm.Services.GetValue<SPWebService>("");
            foreach (SPWebApplication webapp in service.WebApplications)
                foreach (SPSite sitecoll in webapp.Sites)
                    foreach (SPWeb web in sitecoll.AllWebs)
                        <<Use recursion here to Get sub WebS>>




the above code sample provides code to find listing of all webs in a spfarm you can use the above sample to find all webapplication, sitecollection, webs, use SPListto get all list item from splistcollection available in SPweb.lists

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You don't need a recursion to get the sub Webs since AllWebs already gives you the top Web and all the sub Webs under the Site collection. – denni Dec 21 '10 at 7:58
what if all subwebs under site collection also contain webs ? – Ashutosh Singh-MVP SharePoint Dec 21 '10 at 8:06
I will gladly choose your answer if you give it to me exactly how it is supposed to look in a web part with the dropdown list functionality – Jason Dec 21 '10 at 15:17
Nevermind. I got it working..I'll choose your answer... :) Thanks! – Jason Dec 21 '10 at 16:37

If you want to display each type of data in each drop down list in each own Web part. You can make some connected Web parts.

For example:

1- The Web application list Web part

You can get the data from SPWebService.WebApplications. The selected Web application should be used as the filter for the Site collection list Web part.

2- The Site collection list Web part.

You can get the data from SPWebApplication.Sites. The selected Site should be used as the filter for the Web list Web part. Ensure to dispose the SPSite object after using it.

3- Web list Web part.

You can get the data from SPSite.AllWebs. Ensure to dispose the SPWeb object after using it.

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