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I have a ul i am appending li's with two div's through JavaScript to it, shown as below

c_list = $('.encounter_creatures_list > ul')  
    function(transaction) {
          'SELECT * FROM creatures;',
            function (transaction, result) {
               var creature_array = new Array();
               for (i=0; i < result.rows.length; i++){
                 var row = result.rows.item(i)
               li = $("li[key='" + row.id + "']")
                     if(li.length > 0) {
                       // $('#name', li).html(encounter.name)
                     } else {
                       var counter = 0
                           li = $("<li key='"+ row.id + "' class='list_"+ row.id + "'>"+ row.name +  "<div class='plus_"+ row.id + "'>+</div> <div class='counter_"+ row.id + "'>"+ counter  +"</div></li>") 
                       li.css({'border': '1px solid #999999', 'color': '#222222', 'display': 'block', 'font-size': '17px', 'font-weight': 'bold', 'margin-bottom': '-0.5px', 'padding': '12px 10px', 'text-decoration': 'none'})
 //                           alert($(".counter_"+ row.id + "", li).text()) 
//                           $(".plus_"+ row.id + "", li).click(function(event) {
//                              $(".counter_"+ row.id + "", li).text(counter + 1)
//                             event.preventDefault();
//                           })


I want to do the part which i have commented, i.e. clicking one div to update another inside li.

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~ I appreciate that you want to figure out how to do this, but something here is just a little convoluted. Do you really need something this complex to do what you're trying? ~ Additionally, have you heard of the live command? Also, are you pushing the query from the client to the server? –  jcolebrand Dec 21 '10 at 0:34
Yes i am pushing the query from the client to the server, i know live command in jQuery, but i tried that also, can you explain in a better way. –  Prakash Sejwani Dec 21 '10 at 0:48

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Add another class to the div that is static. Than add this to your onload event. All elements with the class .classname will have the onclick functionality.

$(".classname").live("click", function() {
  var rowid = $(this).attr("key");
  alert($(".counter_"+ rowid, li).text());
  $(".counter_"+ rowid, li).text(counter + 1);

One side note. Your code is a bit messy. You should try to refactor it a bit.

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