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I have an array of hashes. Each entry looks like this:

- !map:Hashie::Mash 
  name: Connor H Peters
  id: "506253404"

I'm trying to create a second array, which contains just the id values.


This is how I'm doing it

second_array = { |hash| hash[:id] }

But I'm getting this error

TypeError in PagesController#home
can't convert Symbol into Integer

If I try

second_array = { |hash| hash["id"] }

I get

TypeError in PagesController#home
can't convert String into Integer

What am I doing wrong? Thanks for reading.

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You're using Hashie, which isn't the same as Hash from ruby core. Looking at the Hashie github repo, it seems that you can access hash keys as methods: { |hash| }

Try this out and see if that works--make sure that it doesn't return the object_id. As such, you may want to double-check by doing { |hash| } to see if you're really accessing the right data.

Then, provided it's correct, you can use a proc to get the id (but with a bit more brevity):
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This sounds like inside the map block that hash is not actually a hashie - it's an array for some reason.

The result is that the [] method is actually an array accessor method and requires an integer. Eg. hash[0] would be valid, but not hash["id"].

You could try:{|hash|}

which would ensure that if you do have any nested arrays that nesting is removed.

Or perhaps{|hash| if hash.respond_to?(:id)}

But either way you may end up with unexpected behaviour.

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