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With Jquery, is there some way to make val() return an empty string instead of 'undefined' when called against an empty list of elements?

E.g., I have this code:

var x = $('#my-textbox-id').not('.watermark').val();

The idea is that I want to get the value of my textbox, but I want an empty string if it is currently showing the watermark (i don't want the watermark value!).

The selector works, but i don't want 'undefined' - I want an empty string ''.

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var x = $('#my-textbox-id').not('.watermark').val() || ''; –  qwertymk Dec 21 '10 at 1:02

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You can write (...).val() || "".

Only use this for text fields; it will also replace false or the number 0 with "".

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How about:

var x = $('#my-textbox-id').hasClass("watermark") ? "" : $('#my-textbox-id').val();
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var x = $('#my-textbox-id').not('.watermark').val() == undefined 
? '' 
: $('#my-textbox-id').not('.watermark').val();
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Or you can use $.trim to get the expected result. Example:


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