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How do I access enviroment variables in Vala? (as above) it seems simple, but I can't find how g_getenv() is mapped into Vala.

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The answer lies in the bindings file. Vala uses bindings (in .vapi files) for binding its constructs to the C language. In this case you can grep through glib-2.0.vapi (on my system that is in /usr/share/vala-0.10/vapi), and you'll see that it is bound as:

unowned string? GLib.Environment.get_variable(string name)

It can be quite useful to have the location of the core VAPI files handy, because if you know the C name of a function you can just grep for it.

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Thanks Michael, you went further than answering my question :) – kaStevie Dec 21 '10 at 1:47

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