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I have Visual Studio 2008 project on which I added a Setup Project. It generates all files to install the application correctly.

Now I am trying to add an autorun.inf to the cd, which is supposed to start the Setup.exe. After a lot of attempts and every combinations possible, nothing works, the install don't start. I even tried a batch file which start Setup.exe but no use.

Is there something I missing, because double-clicking on it works.

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This autorun.inf page may help, especially the link about testing without burning a CD. Also check if autorun is enabled on the PC.

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My two cents...

  • Did you begun you autorun.inf file with [autorun] ?
  • Any trailing empty lines at the end of the autorun.inf file ?
  • Are you sure autorun is activated on that CD drive ?
  • Did you respect the syntax : open=filename.exe /param1
  • Are your CD drive on the network (Windows will probably not allow a program to self execute on the intranet).

You have probably already checked all this twice. Best luck.

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