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Is there any webbased interface for MySQL better than phpMyAdmin? I use phpMyAdmin a lot but it is becoming a pain, especially it is slow sometimes.

I'd like to have deep export functionality like phpMyAdmin but more design features

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Why don't you just use a client? They are a lot nicer in my opinion.

I love SQLyog because it supports a lot of MySQL features (stored procedures) but I used to use HeidiSQL and it was nice as well.

As for web based clients, I haven't got any suggestions unfortunately.

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Because my host won't allow remote clients – cja Aug 15 '13 at 12:09

Try DBlite. It's has got a nice intuitive interface and gets the work done faster and with fewer clicks than in phpmyadmin.

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try checking these out

as a client, I recommend EMS Manager, as well as for Posgtres

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Fantastic link, provides a range of web based interfaces for MySQL. Good work. :) – Gerry Mar 4 '10 at 8:55

I know about SqlBuddy. It has a simpler interface that phpMyAdmin - but pma is much more powerful.

There is also the VFront application. I have not tried it yet - so I cannot comment on it.

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As clients, the MySQL Query browser and Administrator are quite good. That has a number of different export facilities that are cool. If it needs to be web though, then you might be best sticking with the slow phpmyadmin.

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Among non-web clients, I use Navicat for MySQL. The free version can do everything phpMyAdmin can

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I can't find a free version download in there website there is only a trial version – Youssef Bouhjira Jan 20 '14 at 1:37
Unfortunately they discontinued the free versions. You can still get the last free version someplace else:… – Imran Jan 20 '14 at 5:51

I suggest phpadminer because it is lightweight and has only one php file, but you should continue with slow phpmyadmin.

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It lists several on here but also lists a few not mentioned like


I started using Adminer as it comes with free skins and scripts and mods - best of all, it one PHP file that sits on the server, so you can even call it "private_32492834234.php"

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as a client I recommend Toad For Mysql (it is free)

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I'd like to suggest AeroSQL, it's an open source (GPL) web based MySql Manager built using PHP and ExtJS library.

There is a demo, video and screenshots available.

Project homepage:

The key feature of the product is an intuitive management of the database content. The result of SELECTs is displayed in a grid as in traditional desktop applications. The grid is editable: you can update cells and save the changes to the backend database server.

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Actualy im using mywebsql and im very happy with it. You should check it out.

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