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On focus, how to place the caret after the last character in an already populated field in IE?

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textareaname.scrollTop = textareaname.scrollHeight;

Works for textareas

Nevermind, try this: http://blog.vishalon.net/index.php/javascript-getting-and-setting-caret-position-in-textarea/

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I appreciate your help, document.getElementById("field").scrollTop = document.getElementById("field").scrollHeight; seems to not be working. – Babiker Dec 21 '10 at 2:50

IE9 makes it easy, with .selectionStart and .selectionEnd.

It looks like in prior versions you'll need to call .createTextRange, and then manipulate the returned object with .move, .moveStart, .moveEnd, and .movePoint.

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Correct, although you're over-complicating what you need to do in IE. – Tim Down Dec 21 '10 at 11:19
Perhaps - I get sad every time I have to re-learn it and wade through the MSDN documents. – Antoine Latter Dec 27 '10 at 4:57

The following will work in all major browsers, including IE 5-9. IE 9 will support the selectionStart and selectionEnd properties of text inputs, bringing it into line with all the other browsers.

function moveCaretToEnd(el) {
    if (typeof el.selectionStart == "number" && typeof el.selectionEnd == "number") {
        el.selectionStart = el.selectionEnd = el.value.length;
    } else if (typeof el.createTextRange != "undefined") {
        var range = el.createTextRange();
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The easiest way is to reset content of input element, like this:

var element_content = false;    
element = document.getElemetById('xyz');
//put focus on element and remember current content
element_content = element.value; 
//now, clear content of element
//and return stored content back to the element, browser moves cursor to the end itself ;) 
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