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I want to match this line,

<center>'''<font color="blue"><font size="18.0pt">No Change Alarms Help &amp; Information</font></font>'''</center>

and replace it with,

=<center>'''<font color="blue">No Change Alarms Help &amp; Information</font>'''</center>=

Now it would be simple if the tags were always font colour or center, but they can be absolutely anything and there can be multiple of them.

My current code is this:

$html =~ s/<font size=".+">(.+)<\/font>/$1/g;

but this obviously does not do the = on each end.

What I would like to do is this:

$html =~ s/\n(.+)<font size=".+">(.+)<\/font>(.+)\n/=$1$2$3=/g;

However it fails to match the newline characters and I cannot figure out how to make it match them, any clues?

(I'm converting html to wiki markup, however the converter stuffs up the font sizes so I'm manually converting them to wiki style headings.)

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The accepted answer to this question is applicable here. – cdhowie Dec 21 '10 at 2:25
I guess the first sanity check I'd want to ask myself is: are the newlines actually in the source AND do I want to get rid of them? I realise this may not help you but it's hard to know your exact situation. (For example, does it fail to match them EVERY time, or every second case, etc? Also, does $html represent the whole page or part of?) ALSO yeah, use an XML parser ;) – William Dec 21 '10 at 2:30

All I needed was /gm on the end of my query, turns out it ignores new lines by default.

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