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I have a question once again and I have the feeling the solution is simple. Should be simple, in any case. I have been trying to model my mappings for my database, with the nice OneToMany trait, like so

class User extends MegaProtoUser[User] with OneToMany[Long, User] {
  def getSingleton = User

  object posts extends MappedOneToMany(Post, Post.author, OrderBy(Post.edited, Descending))

class Post extends LongKeyedMapper[Post] with IdPK with OneToMany[Long, Post] {
  def getSingleton = Post

  object author extends LongMappedMapper(this, User)

  object title extends MappedString(this, 100) {
    override def dbIndexed_? = true

    override def defaultValue = "New Post"

  object contents extends MappedText(this)

  object edited extends MappedDate(this)

All nice an done, I have my One-to-many relationship all right. But, what troubles me a real lot, how do I actually get the data in that relationship? Just supposing I've got a Post object and want to get the author's name to it?

bind("post", in, "title" -> post.title, "author" -> /* insert overly complicated method here */)

I've learned I can get it over a Box, by post.author.obj or something. It does not quite work out, I have to do a match over it and such?

I feel the answer is simple, but yet I fail to see it.

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Mapper does not guarantee you that post.author can always succeed, so it must return a Box. You could use a post.author.obj.map(_.name.is) openOr "unknown name" or similar to avoid using a match statement.

Alternatively, you could create a helper method on Post which does the default handling and use that instead.

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Though I seem to have to do post.author.obj.map(_.name.is) openOr "unknown", otherwiese I get type errors en masse, but thanks! –  Lambda Dusk Dec 21 '10 at 9:41
You’re correct. otherwise, you’ll get the field itself not its value. I fixed it. –  Debilski Dec 21 '10 at 9:51
You can try dmap as well - post.author.obj.dmap("unknown")(_.name.is). –  Etam Nov 5 '11 at 15:23
post.author.obj.map(_.userNameOrSomething).openOr("Unknown writer")
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