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WPF's RichTextBox control's performance is real slow when a 50KB text document is loaded. Scrolling laggy and pressing Ctrl-A to select all the text takes more than 10 seconds. (This is intantaneous on Notepad).

I'm not doing any fancy bitmap effects. Is this normal? Even typing on an empty RichTextBox seems a bit laggy than normal.

Are there fixes for this? Alternatives? Thanks!

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are you handling any events, like TextChanged? –  dmo Jan 16 '09 at 6:04
Nope, no events. Right now, I just load text from a file. The app doesn't have any other functionality. –  moogs Jan 16 '09 at 7:55

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You might need to consider using a different text box control.

Daniel Grunwald has written the Wpf text editor for SharpDevelop completely from scratch. It is called AvalonEdit and a good article is on codeproject:


It seems that he has done optimizations for large files.

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