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What the frick is the use case for this retarded behavior, which has made my work unavailable from one location to the next on a dozen occasions? Why is hg like this? How am I "not in the know"?

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Hg behaves like svn in this case: it only tracks the files that were explicitly added with svn add or hg add command.

But eclipse plugins behave differently. Why - you could ask their authors.

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Thanks for putting up with my frustration and giving me a good answer. Yeah, I noticed that Subclipse doesn't actually auto-add, but it shows a "change star" on folders with added files. That hg eclipse doesn't do this is making me ultra paranoid whenever I get up to go work somewhere else. Exactly what source control is NOT supposed to do. –  user395265 Dec 22 '10 at 0:24

Zerkms says it as it is - the Eclipse plugin follows the Mercurial standard behaviour.

However, you can enable the option 'preselect tracked files in commit dialog' in the preferences to get default-to-add on commit. :)

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