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How do I generate an HTML report from rspec?

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Building off the previous answer, its pretty simple:

rspec /directory/containing/specs/** --format h > output.html

I run this from the root of my rails app with the following path spec/**. I hope that helps. If you have non "_spec.rb" files in there you might need to modify the path argument.

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The problem I have with using "> out.html" instead of "--out out.html" is that the rspec command is echoed to the HTML file as well, above the <!DOCTYPE html> – Manuel Meurer Nov 29 '13 at 13:43

we could add

--format html
--out rspec_results.html

to .rspec

so rspec will write result to rspec_results.html


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RSpec has a command line option to produce html formatted output:

rspec <path_to_spec_file> --format html
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bascially my problem is that i want to generate html report of my all test cases of all controllers in single html file.Is this possible to generate a report???? – Arun Sharma Dec 22 '10 at 4:37


Scenario: multiple formats

When I run rspec example_spec.rb --format progress --format documentation --out rspec.txt

Then the output should contain ".F*"

And the file "rspec.txt" should contain:

something does something that passes does something that fails (FAILED - 1) does something that is pending (PENDING: No reason given)
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Use the -o or --out option to specify the output file.

Use the -f or --format option to specify the format

rspec spec/* --format html --out report.html
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For those using Jenkins then look into the XUNIT plugin

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It is already in Jenkins by default. – Nakilon Oct 23 '14 at 8:15

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