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I have following java script code to run notepade.exe:

enter code here <SCRIPT type="text/javascript" LANGUAGE="JavaScript">  
  function executeCommands()
    var oShell = new ActiveXObject("Shell.Application");     
    var commandtoRun ="C:\WINDOWS\notepad.exe";
    oShell.ShellExecute(commandtoRun,"","", "open", "1");               

The problem is that, when i run the script then it give error..."Permission denied."

Can anybody help me on this matter?

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It's necessary to have two settings turned on.

  1. Enable unsigned ActiveX controls for the current zone
    Tools > Internet Options > Security > Custom level...
    Enable "ActiveX Controls and plug-ins" > "Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting"

  2. Allow Active Content to run files
    Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Security Enable "Allow Active Content to run in files on My Computer"

    ** Make sure to close all your IE browser windows.
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is there a chrome equivalent? – johny why Sep 1 '15 at 23:16

You may experience a "Permission denied" error, which means that the browser will not let script execute outside the "sandbox". Try solving the issue by changing a security setting in the browser:

  • Internet Options, Advanced, Security:
  • "Allow Active Content to run in files on My Computer"

The above is for IE, but most browsers have similar options.

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