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I guess I need some regex help. I want to find all tags like <?abc?> so that I can replace it with whatever the results are for the code ran inside. I just need help regexing the tag/code string, not parsing the code inside :p.

<b><?abc print 'test' ?></b> would result in <b>test</b>

Edit: Not specifically but in general, matching (<?[chars] (code group) ?>)

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Do you mean that the it will always have a print 'something' and you will want to replace the whole <?abc print 'something' ?> with 'something'? –  Stefan H Dec 21 '10 at 7:20
I am no C# expert, but the concept should work like this. Find <?abc print ' using some sort of search/find function. Then, store that position. From there, find the next ' which occurs (to allow for escaping, find the next ' character without a \ before it [\' = escaping]). Or find ' ?>. From there, use a substring function from position of the first for the length between position and position 2 and your result will be what's found in the "print ' '" tags. –  RageD Dec 21 '10 at 7:22
I want my own <?php?> type of tag that I can find and also group the code contents into. (<?php(code group)?>) –  Iggyhopper Dec 21 '10 at 7:28

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This will build up a new copy of the string source, replacing <?abc code?> with the result of process(code)

Regex abcTagRegex = new Regex(@"\<\?abc(?<code>.*?)\?>");

StringBuilder newSource = new StringBuilder();
int curPos = 0;

foreach (Match abcTagMatch in abcTagRegex.Matches(source)) {
    string code = abcTagMatch.Groups["code"].Value;
    string result = process(code);

    newSource.Append(source.Substring(curPos, abcTagMatch.Index));
    curPos = abcTagMatch.Index + abcTagMatch.Length;

source = newSource.ToString();

N.B. I've not been able to test this code, so some of the functions may be slightly the wrong name, or there may be some off-by-one errors.

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I wouldn't normally advocate using .*?, but all the alternatives to matching 'everything up to this series of characters' I could think of were too convoluted and messy. –  ICR Dec 21 '10 at 12:15
I want EVERYTHING! But very little of it! hehe –  Andrew Barber Dec 21 '10 at 18:44
If I just did a output of the code group it seems <?abc echo '?>'; ?> results in echo ''; ?>. You also missed a paren on the 2nd to last line. It's a good start though and I think I know enough to fix that error. –  Iggyhopper Dec 21 '10 at 20:03
var new Regex(@"<\?(\w+) (\w+) (.+?)\?>")

This will take this source

<b><?abc print 'test' ?></b>

and break it up like this:

Value: <?abc print 'test' ?>

    SubMatch: abc
    SubMatch: print
    SubMatch: 'test' 

These can then be sent to a method that can handle it differently depending on what the parts are.

If you need more advanced syntax handling you need to go beyond regex I believe.

I designed a template engine using Antlr but thats way more complex ;)

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exp = new Regex(@"<\?abc print'(.+)' \?>");
str = exp.Replace(str, "$1")

Something like this should do the trick. Change the regexes how you see fit

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