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I have created a table in drupal to display the records. How can i add the edit link to each record so that it goes to an input form corresponding to the id for that record

    function display($nid){
$query = db_query("select * from {contactus}");
$data = array();
$i = 0;
while($row = db_fetch_array($query)){
    $data[$i] = $row;

$output = theme_table(array('id','email','comment'),$data);
return $output;
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You must implement the full CRUD-range, Create Read Update Delete. Right now you only have an index. For Drupal7 there is a good example in dbtng (from the examples)

For Drupal 6 I am not aware of such an example.

Basically the pattern is:

  1. make hook_menu-items with callbacks, one for the index, Read, Update, Delete, Create.
  2. The Read item simply shows the item (item/%id)
  3. The Update shows a form to update the item (item/%id/edit). Form is pre-filled. See FormApi in Drupal for more information on forms.
  4. The Delete shows a confirm_form() with a callback to delete the entry from the database.
  5. The Create shows a form to create a new item. Form is empty.

But to answer your exact quesion, in Drupal you create a link with l(). l('foo', 'item/bar') Will create a <a href="/item/bar">foo</a>.

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