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We have some excel formulas written in .NET and exposed to Excel via COM. The user who wants use our formulas have to:

  1. run some bat file that registers dll's into COM (using RegAsm)
  2. then in Excel (2010) select File|Options|Add-ins|Excel Add-ins|Automation|Select our server|GO|GO

We want to avoid the (2.) using some automatic setup. Does anybody have any idea how it can be accomplished?

Thanks in advance.

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You have not had an answer in some time. I do not know that this will work, but it may be worth trying:

Sub Add_an_Addin()

Dim oAddin As AddIn
Dim oTempBk As Workbook

Set oTempBk = Workbooks.Add

Set oAddin = AddIns.Add("E:\CostBenefit1.0.xla", True)
oAddin.Installed = True


End Sub

FROM: http://vbadud.blogspot.com/2007/06/excel-vba-install-excel-add-in-xla-or.html

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