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hi can you tell me how to disable a tab in the UI of android code.. (eclair code)

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did you check the android documentation ? developer.android.com/reference/android/widget/… –  Reno Dec 21 '10 at 7:51

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If you mean to disable one tab button on TabWidget, then try this code:

// tabHost = ... (get TabHost)

If you want to disable tab widget in overall, then:

// tabWidget = ... (get TabWidget)    

Read SDK Help for references:

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thanks sergey!! –  garima Dec 25 '10 at 17:19
setEnabled(false) doesn't seem to prevent the tab from being clicked on and selected. It does though trigger the disabled style on it. –  cabez0n Jul 5 '11 at 19:17
why I have to use tabHost.getTabWidget().getChildTabViewAt(index).setClickable(false) ? –  micahli123 Apr 21 at 2:56
@micahli123 Who talks about setClickable()? Can you explain your question? I don't understand it. Why you have to use setClickable(), or tabHost.getTabWidget().getChildTabViewAt(index), or anything else? –  Sergey Glotov Apr 21 at 8:19
@Sergey Glotov I want to disable the tab button. But I tried the method you talked. It doesn't not work for me. Then I replace setEnable to setClickable. Then it works. –  micahli123 Apr 22 at 9:34

Extend TabHost and override methods:

public void setCurrentTab(int currentTab) {
    if (currentTab != 2)  // position of the tab that should not get selected
        // in my case I want to trigger something here but I don't want the button to get selected

public void setCurrentTabByTag(String tag) {
    if (!"\"plus_tab\"".equals(tag))  // tag of the tab that should not get selected
        // in my case I want to trigger something here but I don't want the button to get selected
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