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can any body suggest me how to remove the app_offline.htm file from application root directory in asp.net web application.when i run the page it doesnt show the design of html source

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  1. Go to Visual Studio 05/08 and open the solution explorer.
  2. In the root folder there should be a folder named "App_offline.html". Right click on it and delete it.
  3. Re-open Visual Studio and you should be able to browse your page.
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This answer worked for me Thx Santosh Pandey –  Catto Feb 13 '14 at 13:36

Just go to the root of your web directory, it should be there. it is something that VS puts there during certain tasks.

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If you cannot find app_ofline.htm file in solution explorer, use windows explorer to get to the position of the solution and delete it manually. You can do it by rigth clicking to solution and clicking on "open folder in file explorer".

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Your comment help me a lot, i was in a moment at work where i was not thinking because of the stres, and you helped me to solve it, thanks!! –  Marco Antonio Uzcategui Pescoz Jul 9 at 10:54

To when running an ASP.NET app locally & receiving 'App is offline' small yellow bad screen. To resolve one set of steps maybe:

  1. Visual Studio Solution Explorer select the file App_offline.html
  2. 'Exclude from Project' Right click and select
  3. F5 - Build and Debug project again
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Solution for the problem

"This application is currently offline. To enable the application, remove the app_offline.htm file from the application root directory."

  1. Go to your IDE (Visual studio)
  2. Go on the solution Explorar in which site error is showing
  3. RightClick and Delete that file.
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