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I want to create an app that displays a web site and to be able to open the link in a new session of the UIView every time a user clicks on a link.
I need it to act like that because i want to create an effect whenever the UIView loads and i don't want to create tons of UIView for all of the pages.
Actually, i already displayed a website with the uiview but i cant control how the uiview appears after a link is selected and i cant change the site code.
Does anyone know how to do it inside a tab bar app on xcode?

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I know if you use UIWebViewDelegate and the methods appropriately to stop the link loading and open the link in a new View.

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i used a webview for each tab and it worked.
I've used this method because it was more accessible and it loaded
all of the webviews
together instead of loading one.

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