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I have build that produces a (NCover 3.4 Summary) html report.

I'd like to configure the Dashboard to show the html report.

The report is produced perfectly in working folder during the build - my problem is referencing the report from the Dashboard. Should I do something to store it from working folder into the 'cc.net build records'? I don't really understand the inner workings there...

My use of plugin in the Dashboard.config is shown below. I don't know what I should use actionName for and have left it with value from documentation.

The link in CC.Net resolves as: http://DummyServerName/ccnet/server/local/project/DummyProject/build/log20101221100723Lbuild.

Thanks for any comments,

Anders, Denmark

  <htmlReportPlugin description="NCover Summary" actionName="viewReport" htmlFileName="coverage_summary.html" />
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From the CCNET Documentation [1] :

This plug-in can display any file that is in the build folder under artefacts folder for the project. It cannot display files from any other location (for security reasons). Files can be published to a build folder using the File Merge Task. This will automatically generate the correct folder structure for the HTML reports.

Either way, you can generate an xml report, merge it into the ccnet log and use an xsl to display it in the dashboard/emails.[2]

[1] http://build.nauck-it.de/doc/CCNET/HTML%20Report%20Plugin.html
[2] http://docs.ncover.com/how-to/continuous-integration/cruisecontrol-net/

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Thanks - but the links provide correct information about including xml-based reports, while my problem is the single report that's html-based. Is there a way that I can verify that the html file is indeed included in the individual build artifacts? Then at least I can see that I'm on track that far (The file is listed as a merge-file for the project). –  Anders Juul Dec 21 '10 at 20:44
I think the first link is about the html report plugin but you surely have already read it ;). Can you post your CCnet project configuration so that I can test it home. As for the build artifacts, did you set the action="Copy" part in your merge task? cf build.nauck-it.de/doc/CCNET/File%20Merge%20Task.html –  Benjamin Baumann Dec 22 '10 at 9:48
Sorry it took so long, but I had all but given up. It turned out I had written "copy" instead of "Copy"... –  Anders Juul Jan 5 '11 at 9:40
No problem, I'm glad you solve your problem. –  Benjamin Baumann Jan 5 '11 at 12:24

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