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I have programmed with WPF for more than a year. When I started there weren't so many examples and guidelines to follow, now the situation is much more better.

I would like to ask you some help in listing the best WPF (open) source code examples or projects that you suggest to study in order to learn more about project structure, best practices, etc.

Thank you, Marco

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If for you it is enough to have the source available (but not really open regarding the license) I still consider very useful FamilyShow ( and Prism ( for an approach at a different "scale".

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thanks a lot for the FamilyShow link, it seems really interesting – Drake Jan 16 '09 at 8:27

Crack.NET and Prism come to mind.

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You might be interested in the sample applications of the WPF Application Framework (WAF). They show:

  • View composition

  • UI Workflow (Wizards)

  • Command binding / Shortcut Keys

  • MVVM pattern, Unit Testing

  • Validation

  • Entity Framework

  • Open/Save FileDialog

  • Print Preview / Print Dialog

  • Localization

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do you think this waf is suitable for data-centric-game development? for example some sport manager without animations? – Zavael Nov 23 '12 at 9:28

Although I haven't looked at it much myself, I've heard really good things about Caliburn It's an open source framework to help you build applications in SL and WPF using best practices and patterns such as MVC and MVVM.

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Still not really "open", but very interesting
MSDN Reader

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