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I would like to generate 3D bar graphs with transparent surfaces so that I can see what is going on behind tall bars.

The mplot3d API docs say that keywords are allowed for the bar3d function. I pass all the required parameters but can only output graphs with solid surfaces. These and these bar graphs clearly show semi-transparent surfaces.

I tried the keyword alpha (as it is used elsewhere for a similar purpose) but that was not recognized:

Exception Value:  bar3d() got an unexpected keyword argument 'alpha'

and the zsort parameter doesn't seem to be working either although it is used in one of the examples above:

Exception Value: bar3d() got an unexpected keyword argument 'zsort'

How can I generate transparent bar graphs?

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My best guess is that you might find bar3d() Order of Coloring and Matlibplot Colors of some use.

That is to say, my understanding is that transparency should be handled in the alpha value of any given color used (as an RGBA argument used in the manner described in the first link).

Having said that, I can't explain why the example source code you linked to works at all (maybe it doesn't?)!

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