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Could please anybody who has experiences with processing post xmlHttpRequests with Spring DispatcherPortlet, tell me what is the best way to do it ? I'm using YUI io module and Jackson Object Mapper as an example :

public void method(ResourceResponse response){
   Person person = new Person();
   ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
      mapper.writeValue(response.getWriter(), person);


function() {

   var A = AUI();

   A.io("<portlet:resourceURL id="stuff" />", {
      method: 'POST',
      data: {
        description: 'value'

This is the issue where you can vote up that spring-portlet environment will have the same support that common spring-mvc has. Which is @ResponseBody, data conversion to JSON etc. Now AFAIK one has to do it manually...

EDITED: Figured out the solution

PLEASE: Take a look at this issue which is better formulated Handling Ajax requests with Spring portlet

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stackoverflow.com/questions/4782971/… doesn't appear to exist any longer – Eric Feb 8 '11 at 18:08

How do you construct the URL? I think you're creating a Action URL, perhaps it should be an render URL. It means, instead of <portlet:actionURL/> you should be using <portlet:renderURL/>.

Hope it helps.

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It must be <portlet:resourceURL id="sample" /> which is part of jsr 283 spec. and it was created mainly for ajax requesting. And the correct annotation is @ResourceMapping(value="sample") ... But spring Portlet is not good for handling ajax request, there is no built-in support for JSON responding, one has to do it manually... There is this issue, please vote up if you like portlets and spring : jira.springframework.org/browse/SPR-7344 – lisak Dec 21 '10 at 23:35
Thanks @lisak, I will definitively vote up for this nice-to-have feature. – Rubens Mariuzzo Dec 22 '10 at 0:04

I suppose the best way to respond to ajax requests in spring portlets is described in this blog post Marshal Json data using Jackson in Spring MVC with Jaxb Annotations

This also helpful Create JSON response for AJAX request in spring 3.0

Unfortunately it is not so fancy as it would be in spring-web-mvc

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