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My dev team uses WAMP for the php/Mysql environment but i just learnt that uses MySQL 5.1 and MySQL is at 5.5 now. Can I get the mysql upgraded to 5.5 separately without any issue to make it work with WAMP or is there any patch for WAMP to get the latest mysql?

I want to ensure they work with the latest build of MySQL but i am not sure if it is as simple as download mySQL 5.5 and it gets auto-added to the WAMP server, or if there are compatible? I assume since WAMP never updated their MySQL something is not compatible?

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Found this for you:

STEP1: (x represents a number)

Download the latest version of MySQL first... Copy the new folder of mysqlx.x to wamp\bin\mysql\ Check if the folder of mysql and all database files exist in mysqlx.x\data folder. If the mysql folder doesn't exist, copy it from a working previous version of mysql.

Check if mysqlx.x\bin folder and all executable files in it exist. Check if the folder mysqlx.x\share exist. If they don't exist, then the extraction of the latest version of mysql isn't done properly.

Check if mysqlx.x\my.ini file exist. If it doesn't exist, copy the file from the previous wokring version of wamp mysql in wamp\bin\mysql\mysqlx.x Open the file from the latest mysql version, edit all occurrences of "mysqlx.x" in that file to the "mysqlx.x" as the latest version number.

For example, if you see the line "basedir=c:/wamp/bin/mysql/mysql4.1" in my.ini file, then edit it to "basedir=c:/wamp/bin/mysql/mysqlx.x" as mysqlx.x is the lastest version you've just downloaded. Normally there are only two occurrences you need to edit: basedir=c:/wamp/bin/mysql/mysqlx.x and datadir=c:'wamp/bin/mysql/mysqlx.x/data


Copy the wampserver.conf file in the previous version of wamp mysqlx.x folder to wamp\bin\mysql\mysqlx.x. You would need to open it with notepad and edit the line: $mysqlConf['mysqlExeFile'] = 'mysqld-nt.exe'; to $mysqlConf['mysqlExeFile'] = 'mysqld.exe';

Look at the mysqlx.x\bin directory and find out if there is a mysqld.exe or mysql-nt.exe file. If there is no mysql-nt.exe file, then change that line as mentioned.


Shutdown the wamp2 server (by right click on wamp tray icon and click exit). Then restart the wamp server. Restart all services. You should see the mysql newest version displayed in wamp mysql menu. Just click on the latest version to enable it, then you have the newest mysql version running with wamp server.

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Thanks i'll try it out. – Juds Dec 21 '10 at 12:01
I tried the instructions above, and it was still running the earlier version of MySQL. In addition to steps above, you need to also change the version number/folder in wampmanager.ini, wampmanager.conf, and use regedit to change the version in the registry for MySQL and the wampmysqld service – WebChemist Mar 27 '12 at 7:02
thanks for this it worked like a charm! and to the comment above WAMP does all that automatically, after step 3 close and open Wamp server and look for mysql newest version displayed in wamp mysql menu, select it and WAMP a automatically edits, wampmanager.ini and MySQL version in regedit! hope this helps – Ered Aug 15 '13 at 15:50

Thanks to all for their help. I am detailing certain steps I took from editing registry onwards:

While editing registry

  1. Replaced all occurrences of 5.0.45(my older version of mysql) pertaining to mysql with 5.5.28(My new version of mysql)
  2. Replaced all occurrences of mysqld-nt.exe pertaining to mysql with mysqld.exe

When I started the wamp, the system didn't recognize the my.ini entry default-character-set=latin1 The reason was that the entry was in [wampmysqld] section. Then I created [sql] section and shifted the entry there. I restarted wamp and MySQL started with new version.

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After doing all mention above. There is few more step to enable new MySQL. 1.Start WAMP. 2.Left click on WAMP tray. 3.Click MySQL->Version->your new MySQL version(mine is MySQL 5.7.9). 4.Click MySQL->Service->Install service. Done!

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