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I've installed ReSharper 4.1 and Gallio 3.0.5, but I don't get the gutter icons for unit tests. The tests seem to run fine in the Test Explorer, but I don't have icons next to the tests in code. What could be causing this? I previously had the MbUnit 2.4 ReSharper plugin installed, but it should be uninstalled now.

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I did this to get them to show up again. Maybe it was an overkill.

  1. Uninstall ReSharper
  2. Uninstall Gallio
  3. Delete %appdata%\JetBrains folder
  4. Install ReSharper
  5. Start Visual Studio
  6. Close Visual Studio
  7. Install Gallio
  8. Start Visual Studio

I think the key was deleting the %appdata%\JetBrains folder, because there could have been some old plugin files in there.

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All I had to do was #3 –  badazzhindu Oct 2 '13 at 17:30

I've had this issue a number of times when doing clean installs. Sometimes the gallio-resharper plugin installs perfectly, sometimes it does not. I tried the steps above to no avail.

I found this link: http://confluence.jetbrains.net/display/ReSharper/Deploying+plugin And did the following

  1. Created a Plugins folder in "C:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\ReSharper\v5.1\Bin\"
  2. Copied the resharper plugin files from GallioBundle-3.3.458.0.zip\bin\ReSharper into this folder
  3. Suspended and resumed resharper in Visual Studio 10 by using the button in Tools|Options|Resharper

After this, the plugin got enabled.

I am running W7x64 professional.

Hope this can be of help to other people as well. :-)

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