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Save Youtube video to iPhone in the app

I want to download and save a youtube video from a given youtube video link, programmatically. Can anyone point to some sample app. Help appreciated.

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Does the AVAssetWriter class help you at all?


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Not a problem with writing or saving, but I need to download them programmatically. –  Ganesh Nayak Dec 21 '10 at 11:56

Check out which URL and algorithm I used: https://github.com/H2CO3/PwnTube

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Not a problem:

Here is my example:

I used PSYouTubeExtractor.h class by Peter Steinberger It can get youtube mp4 video url and than downloading and viewing is not a problem

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It was taking Too much time. I set 3o seconds video URL in your code But still after half hour it was not downloaded. –  Sharma Vishal Nov 5 at 7:14

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