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I am getting the apps installed in the Android phone with the code below. I put the info of the app in an instance of PInfo (one of my customized class).

Now I want to get one of them and open it passing a parameter, I have tried the following:

Uri uri =Uri.parse("THEURL");
Intent intent = getPackageManager().getLaunchIntentForPackage(((PInfo)apps.get(0)).apppackage);


This opens the app but how to pass the parameter? (The code above is not working) For example, a string.

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Step #1: Get the email address of the developer of the application in question.

Step #2: Ask the developer if they support such a string extra (or data Uri, or whatever). If so, follow what they tell you to do. If not, do not attempt to open their app this way.

Step #3: Repeat Steps #1 and #2 for every app you are interested in.

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You should create a method that handles the incoming intent and call it within your onCreate or onResume methods.

You'll pass the information like this:

intent.putExtra("foo", someString);

Then you'll try read the information passed along within the intent.

String incomingString = getIntent().getStringExtra("foo"); should do the trick within your handleIncomingIntent()

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