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How can i embeded an youtube video in the facebook wall? I tried to pass the video url using the "source" member, but didn't work. After checking the json of a feed posted manually i see that there is some handling by FB's server code to make it happen.

The feed shows me this:

"id": "100001460921297_170524112986785",
         "from": {
            "name": "Fw As",
            "id": "100001460921297"
         "message": "In SBSR 16 July 2010 Portugal",
         "picture": "",
         "link": "",
         "source": "",
         "name": "The Strokes - Last Nite",
         "caption": "",
         "description": "Music video by The Strokes performing Last Nite. (C) 2001 BMG",
         "icon": "",

Is there way to achieve this via the c# sdk? I couldn't find any info helpfull about it so far.

Any ideas?

Thanks and merry christmas!

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If you use Facebook C# SDK, then after successful authentication and authorization you need to post a link.

I assume that _FacebookApp is instance of FacebookApp class and you are authorized, then the code will be:

        var parameters = new Dictionary<string, object>();

        parameters.Add("message", Commentary);
        parameters.Add("link", Link);
        if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(ThumbnailImageUrl))
            parameters.Add("picture", ThumbnailImageUrl);

            _FacebookApp.Post("me/feed", parameters);
        catch (Exception ex)
            return ex.Message;

where Commentary is an optional message from the user about this link, e.g.: "Guys, check it out",

Link is the URL that was shared, e.g.:"",

ThumbnailImageUrl is a URL to the thumbnail image used in the link post, e.g.:"".

Hope it will help.


share|improve this answer i conclude by your snippet that FB does what buzz and gmail do, they detect an youtube video and convert automatically embed it in the post, i'm i correct? – byte_slave Mar 4 '11 at 8:40
@byte_slave, yes, you are correct. – Sergei Mar 6 '11 at 22:06
correct me if I am wrong but this does not achieve the way facebook natively handles youtube videos. By natively I mean the functionality where onclick the video plays inside facebook. – Alexandros B Mar 14 '11 at 13:07
@Circadian, facebook gets video metadata itself from link, I suppose. So using approach above you still can click on video and play it inside facebook on your wall. At least works for me. – Sergei Aug 31 '11 at 4:36

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