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I know jquery and javascript but never worked on other frameworks like EXTJS. can somebody tell me the best way to quickly learn EXTJS? and also what is the process to configure EXTJS? Is it in the same way like we configure jquery (by just adding a standard js file)? or something else.


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should this be on programmers.stackexchange? –  zzzzBov Dec 21 '10 at 16:12

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I'd recommend Jorge Ramon's excellent ExtJS 3.0 Cookbook - it's what I used to learning by actually doing stuff. The projects start out pretty easy, and goes through everything to do with configuring ExtJS.

Once you've got the basics, the Sencha tutorials and FAQs are ok, but I reckon that for reference, the best resource they've got by far is their API.

Finally, Jozef Sakalos (aka Saki) has made some awesome examples on his blog and on his ExtJS Examples site.

Good luck learning ExtJS!

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Thanks a lot :) –  Bhupi Dec 22 '10 at 11:46
I would add that you should learn the layout managers first. –  It Grunt Dec 22 '10 at 15:57

Quite a few tutorials on this website:


Or have a look at the answer to this question

Ext-Js Tutorial or videos

Try Garcia's book 'Ext JS in action' http://www.manning.com/garcia/

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